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Shahab’s attitude is so positive and energetic that his style boosts my confidence, belief and courage in what I want to achieve.

Sina Barandeh, Director at Z Design Studio

I had the opportunity of taking the course of “Personal Branding” with Dr. Anari. I strongly recommend the course to the self employed people who are eager to improve their business and take it to the next level.

Behrooz Babakhani, Financial Security Advisor

Attending Shahab’s personal branding course in Westmount Academy was really one of my best experiences ever.
Shahab helped me to recognize lots of issues I had regarding promoting my personal and business brands and expanding my business, especially on the online marketing sides.
His methodology helped to solve most of the main issues I faced during the establishment of my business.
As a result, I’ve found remarkable confidence and now I know how to expand my business properly.
Thank you Shahab…..

Nima Mokhtarzadeh, CEO at Coromark

I had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Shahab Anari during our Business network meeting in Montreal and being a successful entrepreneur in branding myself and other businesses in the past, I still learned quite a bit from his insights. I recommend him not only to newly starting entrepreneurs but also to established and seasoned professionals.

Amir Nadimi, IBNG in Montreal
I have worked with Shahab and his passion is very evident. He is also a person of integrity and puts the clients at ease and delivers value with his depth of knowledge in his area of expertise.
Taymour Miri, Co-Founder and Director at MTMI
I had a chance to attend Shahab’s personal branding courses in Montreal.I learned a lot. He is a perfect coach,his presentations are engaging, fun, and always leave students energized to improve their personal and professional brands. Shahab is so generous with sharing his network to help others. I strongly recommend to other professionals to use his expertise!!!
Rafouneh Rastkar, Experienced International Business Developer
Just a note to congratulate you on the outstanding presentation you made in our class in westmont college on Personal Branding in the workplace. I felt you addressed the subject with openness, honesty and sensitivity. I believe many of us now understand the seriousness of the problem and how to deal with it much better than before.
Farokh Nikkhoo, Senior Finance advisor , Financial Security advisor using on wealth creation for Canadians with Investors Group ,CR
I had the pleasure of being coached by Shahab Anari for over 3 months. I can honestly say that the experience was amazing and that he played a key part in helping me change my life for the better. We discussed many different topics, both personal and professional, during which he raised my consciousness to help me realize what was most important to me. After this realization he helped me set clear, weekly goals that were attainable and reasonable to guide me in the process of achieving what I wanted. Shahab showed empathy and compassion towards everything we discussed and I felt comfortable with him from the beginning of our coaching relationship. This really helped me open up and feel free to talk about things that were deeply personal and private. I never felt judged or misunderstood. He was a good listener and was able to key into the deep meaning behind many things that I said. This, in turn, helped me understand myself to a much better degree and helped me realize the things that were setting me back from achieving various goals. He also helped me get over those setbacks. I am truly thankful to have worked with Shahab. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to make positive, sustainable changes life.
Rinku Singh, Corporate Coach
Dr. Anari provided me with the tools I needed to change my mindset for success. Because of him, I have better vision for my life, I am taking more responsibility and enjoying my life more than ever. I am grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone seeking growth.
Rugi, PhD Student, New Jersey, USA
Dear Dr. Anari,
It was my great pleasure to be your host as the manager of the First Annual Symposium of Iranian Professionals in Quebec.
Your speech, great personality and positive energy brought to the symposium were beyond anyone”s expectation. I had received many calls thanking me for inviting you. I can imagine just how many compliments you received as well.
It’s my pleasure to invite you again for the second year. I already look forward to it.
Dr. Reza Parsanezhad, PhD, Manager of the First Annual Symposium of Iranian Professionals in Quebec
It’s been awhile since I started working with Shahab as my coach. Well, I must say he is awesome. I really didn’t expect so much difference to be made in my life as I’d been deeply lost and confused. But the , I gradually managed to overcome some of my most deeply-rooted problems. He provides me with the skills I need to make decisions confidently and set my goals smartly. Now, not only am I thoroughly aware of my values and desires, but I also have the courage to pursue them. Thank you Shahab 🙂
Mahtab Salehi, MSc Student, Montreal
Shahab always has a happy face, which makes me happier and more interested to listen to his advice and learn more from him. I love his placidity and inspiration! During just few meetings, he inspire me so much to find my lost ability again and be more relaxed about issues which had annoyed me for so long.
Dr. Esfahani, Art of Facial Rejuvenation
My experience of coaching with Dr. Shahab Anari was nothing short of enlightening. It helped me work out exactly what it is I wanted and set me along the path with clear action steps. I am super impressed with Dr. Shahab Anari’s coaching methods.
Kamran Etessam, Mortgage Alliance
I signed up for Shahab’s public course on business development for small businesses to empower my marketing skills BUT what I gained was much more than what I expected.
It wasn’t a merely theoretical class; it was absolutely practical and motivating.
I am so happy with what I gained which helps me to grow and elevate my business.
Gelanaz Hemati, Interior Design Consultant
It was very informative to be coached by Shahab Anari. He inspired me to look holistically with new ideas for managing and growing my business. I now have a much better perspective and vision for my future. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking success.

Thank you very much Shahab.

Nell Meibodi, Nell Laser and Beauty Clinic
As a former fellow coaching student and now as his client, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the consistent ways in which Dr. Anari upholds the foundational principles in coaching. He sincerely believes in the abundance principle, as he always gives without expecting to receive. His generosity towards others is without fault, as much in the big as in the smallest of ways: whether it is with kind words or gestures, sharing helpful information or tips, encouraging and believing in each person’s unique capabilities, a word of encouragement, a compliment, a thank you, and (always) a genuine smile. He is an astute listener, a compassionate individual who connects with people immediately, a progressive thinker, an expert in his field, and a dynamic team player. He is a consummate professional, constantly looking out for the best outcome for his clients, providing quality, and always in an atmosphere of complete respect and consideration. Dr. Anari’s personal qualities and professional qualifications are simply too numerous to properly represent in this note.
Gisele MicDiarmid, Relationship Coach
On March 8th, Dr. Shahab Anari, presented a session “Personal Branding and the Future of Your Career” at Humber college in support of Women in STEM, which was organized by IEEE WIE Toronto and Humber college. This talk impacted me and many other participants. It leads us to better time management and productivity. Feedback was excellent from all participants.

Thank you very much Dr. Anari for accepting our invitation.

Dr. Maryam Davoudpour, Faculty, Chair WIE IEEE, Toronto Section, Humber College
In May 2017, Dr. Shahab Anari delivered a very insightful and engaging seminar to the Fanni Alumni Association of Ontario (Fanni Ontario) members and guests. The presentation was friendly, fun, and educational. All participants had excellent feed back as they were armed with new perspectives about the value of coaching in every aspect of their life.
Dr. Fara Shojaie, Fanni Ontario