Why Following Your Passion is NOT Enough

We’ve always been told that following your passion is the way to succeed in life. And we’ve read numerous quotes by super-successful gurus that have advised us to find our passion and base our whole careers on it.

However, when you look at the results of the studies done on the life trajectory of mega-successful people, some other patterns shows up.

In this video I talk about the concept of finding your sweet spot and why following your passion might not be good advice!

Shahab AnariDr. Shahab Anari is a Personal Branding Strategist, business coach, and co-author with Brian Tracy of the best-seller ‘Ignite Your Life’. He has worked with more than 30,000 people on the topics of personal and professional success. He empowers professionals to get more clients by building their personal brands. Download his FREE 3-Step Personal Branding Guide at www.shahabanari.ca.

Watch the video here.


professional coach Shahab Anari

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