Dr. Shahab Anari’s Bio

Before I launched my coaching and training practice, I was a full-time English teacher for more than 10 years and before that, I was a medical doctor! In those previous careers, I had earned 7 figures and I’d written more than 10 best-selling books. However, although I was considered by many as ‘successful’, I felt I wasn’t fulfilling my true purpose. After a lot of soul searching, I was convinced that my mission was to empower ambitious individuals to tap into their untapped potential. So I embarked on a journey to help people with their personal and professional development.


Through my “1-2-3 Shine” methodology I help my audience reach High Performance and join the top 1% in their field. Also, through my “1-2-3 Get Clients” methodology, I help experts and other service professionals create a reliable business that will bring them consistent income and joy every single day.


Some interesting stats about me: I co-authored the best-seller “Ignite Your Life” with the legendary Brian Tracy in 2016. I’ve been featured on different TV shows and publications during the past 15 years. I was selected as one of America’s Premier Experts™ in 2015. During the past 17 years, close to 2 million copies of my books have been sold. I also have the experience of coaching and training more than 35,000 ambitious people in both one-on-one settings and also in workshops and seminars. I managed to place first among 1.2 million test-takers in the University Entrance Exam in my home country in 1997.


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Shahab is very passionate about what he does, and he encourages others to strive for the same enthusiasm, joy, and pride in their work. He is not afraid to go after new curiosities and pursue them to the fullest, since he firmly believes that “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. Shahab is a living example that success is yours if you follow your heart and give it your best. Shahab is skillful, engaging, thorough, and fun as a speaker, a teacher, and a colleague.

Ayeh Solouki, Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley

Attending Shahab’s course in Westmount Academy was really one of my best experiences ever.
Shahab helped me to recognize lots of issues I had regarding promoting my personal and business brands and expanding my business, especially on the online marketing sides.
As a result, I’ve found remarkable confidence and now I know how to expand my business properly.
Thank you Shahab…..

Nima Mokhtarzadeh, Coromark, Montreal

My experience of coaching with Dr. Shahab Anari was nothing short of enlightening. It helped me work out exactly what it is I wanted and set me along the path with clear action steps. I am super impressed with Dr. Shahab Anari’s coaching methods.

Kamran Etessam, Team Leader, Mortgage Alliance

We had a great experience working with Shahab. He is an amazing coach. He not only gave wonderful lectures but also guided us through every step in our business with practical solutions. Before taking his coaching guide we had little knowledge about how to grow our business. His help in defining our brand, identifying our target market and using marketing strategies made us more confident about our business.
We would definitely recommend Shahab to every business owner who is looking to grow his/her business in a fast and productive way.

Sina and Niloo, Z Design Studio Owners

Shahab is a great master, smart leader, and hardworking individual who has amazing attention to details .I highly appreciate his friendship and cooperation in our team-work.

Arghavan Tonkaboni, Assistant Professor