Dr. Shahab Anari’s Bio (by Jonathan Widran)

A bestselling author, professional business coach and personal branding strategist, Shahab Anari has helped thousands of “solopreneurs” and small business owners across the world develop their branding, marketing, sales and (most importantly) mindset. As a powerful emerging force in the second fastest growing industry in North America, he believes that one of the great keys to success in any field is finding that “sweet spot” – the place where one’s aptitude meets what the market wants and where one’s passion is.

“When those three things come together,” Shahab says, “you have your sweet spot. But discovering it is not just about paying attention to your own skills and passions. It’s not just about you. You have to pay attention to the market you want to make your breakthroughs in.”

On the homepage of his website www.shahabanari.ca, the Toronto based entrepreneur – who through his many books, workshops, seminars and speaking engagements has reached out to more than 1.5 million individuals – boldly promises to empower people to “Ignite Your Life and Grow Your Business.”

This concept evolved out of the bestselling book Ignite Your Life, which he co-authored with Brian Tracy, one of the world’s top business and motivational speakers and self-development authors. Shahab’s dynamic chapter in the 2016 book was called “Skyrocket Your Business and Life! – Unearth your personal brand and stand out from the crowd.”

Ignite Your Life

Shahab Anari and Brian Tracy

His involvement in the book led to several high profile accolades, including being named one of America’s Premier Experts, receiving an Editor’s Choice Award from the publisher Celebrity Press, and being featured as a ‘Master of Success’ in the Wall Street Journal. After enjoying years of multi-million dollar successes in several different industries, selling close to 2 million copies of his previous 13 books and appearing regularly on radio and TV in his native Iran, Shahab and his wife Katty settled in North America in 2014. For Shahab, the book has become a powerful calling card to help develop his multi-faceted company North Star Success, Inc.

His unique clientele ranges from professionals looking for a fulfilling career path to well-established business owners who want to maintain and enhance their brands and businesses. In addition to speaking to corporate and public audiences on such subjects as Personal and Professional Development, he conducts seminars on Personal Branding, Career Success, Self-Esteem, Goals, Planning, Motivation and Leadership – with the aim of bringing about immediate changes and long term results that create lasting transformations. He currently has clients in Iran, Canada, the United States, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, among other countries. He offers in-person training and coaching in both his home city of Tehran and Toronto.

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Shahab’s achievements:

  1. Featured in the Wall Street Journal as a “Master of Success”
  2. America’s Premier Expert, 2015
  3. Co-author with Brian Tracy of the best-seller“Ignite Your Life”, 2016
  4. Editor’s Choice Award, Celebrity Press, USA, 2015
  5. More than 100 seminars for audiences of 3 to 3000
  6. Author of 13 books with close to 2 million copies sold
  7. Expert Guest on TV and Radio
  8. Came first among 1,200,000+ candidates for the nationwide University Entrance Exam in his home country

Shahab’s services break down into various elements in two distinct areas as a personal branding consultant and professional business coach who does trainings, webinars and one on one coaching.

There are three key steps in my personal branding strategy which I call the ‘Three C’s’,” Shahab says. “Clarify, Communicate and Cultivate. I make it clear that personal branding is not about having a cute logo or deciding on the perfect business name or the right colors to represent your brand. These are all parts of the equation, but the core of personal branding is going on a deep journey of discovery to figure out what makes you truly exceptional and unique, and then finding ways to express it consistently and constantly in a systematic manner to your target audience. So the first step is clarifying that brand, unearthing what differentiates you from the crowd and your competitors. It includes extracting your unique promise of value that you know only you can deliver as part of your true authenticity as a business owner.”

The second stage is helping them communicate their brand to their target audience. “I teach my clients and students about seven marketing strategies that professionals should be using to reach their audience to make them aware of who they are and what they do,” he adds. “I coach and guide them to troubleshoot their sales conversation and sales process so that they can serve this audience the best way possible.”

To Shahab, “cultivating” means that once a business owner has clarified and communicated their brand to its target audience consistently and constantly, it’s then time to think about ways to expand the brand and build multiple streams of revenue – including passive income. In the Ignite Your Life chapter, he lists three steps to achieve the maintenance and expansion of one’s personal brand: 1) Focus on Quality, which includes a directive to always over-deliver what you promise and continuously plan your moves, measure your progress and correct any problems; 2) Update yourself, starting with asking yourself, “What have I learned today?”; and 3) Deal with people prudently, via such principles as following the Golden Rule, respecting everyone in your network, not taking negative comments personal and understanding your status as a role model.

On the coaching side, he works with professionals who have lost their self-confidence and/or motivation, or are not currently clear about their career or business goals. “At some point, all of us have felt lost and overwhelmed because we think what we’re doing is not fulfilling our life purpose,” Shahab says. “We feel stuck, with limited options, and we don’t know if the goals we are currently pursuing are the right ones.

Wall Street Journal - Shahab Anari

“I have discovered through research that coaching is the second fastest growing industry in North America,” he adds, “and that is because it has the highest sustainability rate of all forms of training and consulting. I have always been inspired by the opportunity to work together with clients as partners, helping them as they go through a period of transformation. I love consulting, too, but that’s more about giving tips to a client and leaving the client to enact those principles. When you’re coaching, you’re working hands on with them to empower them to set goals and do all the planning necessary to overcome all inner and outer obstacles. I help my clients get creative to find solutions to their challenges, and in so doing, help them gain more of a consciousness about who they truly are, what they want to do and why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

Though he has engaged in many training courses and received numerous coaching certifications, his work is driven by his own unique methodology based on his last 16 years as an entrepreneur.

His extensive background includes earning seven figures in the field of Student Test Prep Strategies, a level of success that led him to sell over 1.5 million books published by Mobtakeran Publications, an educational book publishing giant in Iran. He was able to leave his job as a medical doctor and build a multi-million dollar business around his books. When he started leading seminars and offering workshops around the expertise he developed, he began earning $30,000 per day fees after five years.

Continuing his entrepreneurial success streak, he and his wife also founded Naamdar Medical Diagnostic lab, for which he served as a consultant on branding, marketing, sales and online presence. He and another partner later launched the Shokoufa Language Academy. Shahab’s unique methodology led him and his 30,000 clients over the years to achieve great success in many industries.

The road to Shahab’s initial years of entrepreneurial success in Iran is testament to the importance of following one’s instincts over the expectations of one’s peers and culture. A talented student, he finished first among 1.2 million candidates for the nationwide University Entrance Exam that many Iranians take when they are finishing high school. “The norm was that if you were a good student, you should go to med school, and I followed that common practice,” he says. “My older brother and sister are physicians and specialists, and I greatly respect their commitment, but I found early on that I didn’t enjoy the clinical setting at all.”

Shahab Anari, Personal Branding expert, professional coach

While attending med school, where he finished with a good GPA, he began getting requests for tutoring from parents of kids who had heard about his achievement on the national exam and his being accepted at Iran’s best med school. While attending to his medical studies during the day, he started teaching and coaching students in the afternoons, and he quickly developed a strong reputation in the field.

“Encouraged as I was, I began reading books on the topic of personal development and started trying to figure out what I used to do unconsciously that brought about my good results,” Shahab says. “During this time, I realized that I didn’t want to be a doctor and decided it was definitely not something that fired me up to go to work every morning. So I devoted all my time to coaching and speaking, and after five years, I was fully booked for the whole year. I was invited to hold workshops and speak at events and seminars, which ultimately led to me writing several bestsellers, appearing as a guest expert on TV programs and finally starting my own business as a personal development coach.”

Just as he has helped so many clients home in on the qualities that set them apart, Shahab quickly tapped into his talents as a motivator to take his educational work to the next level. “My style was different in that I incorporated motivational and inspirational concepts and material into my test prep coaching methodology. I wasn’t just about proper techniques and how to answer the questions. I was imparting more than simply knowledge and skills. I made sure these students were in a mindset of personal empowerment, constantly encouraged to fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential and purpose.”

Years later, once he and Katty decided to move to North America to pursue new professional opportunities, Shahab did a lot of soul searching. “In people’s eyes, I was really successful in Iran, making seven figures a year and living the life of my dreams,” he says. “But deep down, I felt something was missing. I started to think about my values, my mission, my purpose and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was proud of the businesses I had created, but did I want to do test prep, medical diagnostics and run a language academy, or was there something else I should be doing?

“I began working with my own coach and mentors,” he adds, “and realized that coaching and training was ultimately my sweet spot where my aptitude, passion and the market came together in an incredible concentric circle. My vision was to become an international coach and speaker and empower as many people as I could to find out what’s unique about them, and to use that uniqueness to help them grow their careers and businesses and transform their lives. When I moved to Canada, I started my new coaching and branding practice and then caught a big break by connecting with the legendary Brian Tracy and co-authoring ‘Ignite Your Life’ with him.”

Shahab is very passionate about what he does, and he encourages others to strive for the same enthusiasm, joy, and pride in their work. He is not afraid to go after new curiosities and pursue them to the fullest, since he firmly believes that “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. Shahab is a living example that success is yours if you follow your heart and give it your best. Shahab is skillful, engaging, thorough, and fun as a speaker, a teacher, and a colleague.

Ayeh Solouki, Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley

Shahab is among those people working with whom is extremely delightful.
During the project, he leads with a great concept of time management and helps things to progress with his insightful guidance.
The flexibility of his thoughts and attitudes makes it so enjoyable and enriching for his colleagues to work with him.

MohammadHossein Tavakoli, Co Founder and Art Director at ROYAVAR

Shahab is the reason why I managed to get into the field of study I’ve always loved.
I worked with him for a year.
He was a unique coach, being kind and strict at the same time, pushing his students to the limit of their capacities.
Also, I can’t say enough about his books. They are so comprehensive and well-written that reading them leaves you with no unanswered question in mind. I’m happy I had the opportunity to work with him.

Yasamin Ghiasvan, College Grad

Shahab was there with us, helping Naamdar right from the start! He was a constant advisor while we were just starting the lab, then running and developing it. In the most challenging moments, his ideas and his support was really critical. His unique feature is helping the managers find solutions to the problems, whether simple or complex.
His ability to address all the problems and getting the big picture while helping the management keep organized and find their priorities is admiring.

Katayoon Bidad, Medical Lab Director

Shahab is a great master, smart leader, and hardworking individual who has amazing attention to details .I highly appreciate his friendship and cooperation in our team-work.

Arghavan Tonkaboni, Assistant Professor