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Shahab is very passionate about what he does, and he encourages others to strive for the same enthusiasm, joy, and pride in their work. He is not afraid to go after new curiosities and pursue them to the fullest, since he firmly believes that “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. Shahab is a living example that success is yours if you follow your heart and give it your best. Shahab is skilful, engaging, thorough, and fun as a speaker, a teacher, and a colleague.

Ayeh Solouki, Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley

Shahab is among those people working with whom is extremely delightful.
During the project, he leads with a great concept of time management and helps things to progress with his insightful guidance.
The flexibility of his thoughts and attitudes makes it so enjoyable and enriching for his colleagues to work with him.

MohammadHossein Tavakoli, Co Founder and Art Director at ROYAVAR

Shahab is the reason why I managed to get into the field of study I’ve always loved.
I worked with him for a year.
He was a unique coach, being kind and strict at the same time, pushing his students to the limit of their capacities.
Also, I can’t say enough about his books. They are so comprehensive and well-written that reading them leaves you with no unanswered question in mind. I’m happy I had the opportunity to work with him.

Yasamin Ghiasvan, College Grad

Shahab was there with us, helping Naamdar right from the start! He was a constant advisor while we were just starting the lab, then running and developing it. In the most challenging moments, his ideas and his support was really critical. His unique feature is helping the managers find solutions to the problems, whether simple or complex.
His ability to address all the problems and getting the big picture while helping the management keep organized and find their priorities is admiring.

Katayoon Bidad, Medical Lab Director

Shahab is a great master, smart leader, and hardworking individual who has amazing attention to details .I highly appreciate his friendship and cooperation in our team-work.

Arghavan Tonkaboni, Assistant Professor

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